Feed Additives

Booth No.:F27
Product Name:High Efficiency Feed Fat - CAL-36
Product Information:SUPER CAL-36 is a high efficiency feed fat with good digestibility for mono-gastrics such as broilers, fattening pigs and sows.  It is meant for improving weight gain and optimising Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).  Also, it has proven to enhance meat texture and reduction of fat in the dress chicken.  A fat with a non-soggy and non-rancid effect with pleasant aroma making it very palatable.

Booth No.:F27
Product Name:High Efficiency Feed Fat - SP-100
Product Information:SUPER SP-100 is a rumen protected / by-pass fat for dairy cattle.  Absolutely organic, GMO free and is derived from 100 percent vegetable components only. It is able to increase the energy density of the feed rations so that cows can store more energy depsite less dry matter consumption.  SUPER SP-100 not only improve the milk yield, also raises milk protein percentage coupled with a high measured digestibility.

Booth No.:F27
Product Name:Animal Protein - Meat and Bone Meal
Product Information:This rendered product is made from beef offal and beef bones taken from slaughterhouse that is fit for human consumption.  The product is golden to brown in color and has a fresh bovine odor.  Eash lot is of uniform color, composition and texture.  Suitable for usage in production of commercial poultry compound feed.

Booth No.:
Product Name:Feed Additives
Product Information:a growth peptide, can be a strong appeal, so that livestock eat more, grow fast. Healthy and beautiful. And able to resist all kinds of stress, reduce unnecessary losses. Return on investment rate of 10-20 times the best weapon for feeding and management.
Booth No.:J08 
Product Name:Feed Additives
Product Information:an antibacterial peptide, specifically for G (-) bacteria, with more than the effect of antibiotics, but no drug damage, suitable for daily addition, can be a good intestinal disease prevention and control requirements, is the Digestive tract of The patron saint.
Booth No.:J08 
Product Name:Feed Additives
Product Information:a collection of a variety of plant extracts from the oil, specifically for the relief of respiratory symptoms of livestock .. with antipyretic analgesic, cough relief, dilution of sputum and the role of mental stability.

Booth No.:J41
Product Name:Feed additive - MegaProbiotide
Product Information:MegaProbiotide is probiotic peptides, its process through 72hours fermentation, purification and concentration. MegaProbiotide contain multiple probiotic antimicrobial peptides, organic acid, minerals and small peptides and amino acid. MegaProbiotide is easy to absorption, and increase probiotic population, and enhance animal’s immunity. MegaProbiotic is a nature and safety product, no artificial or chemical ingredients.

Booth No.:J41
Product Name:Feed additive (probiotic) - TiDoFu
Product Information:TiDoFu is a high dose probiotic complex feed additive. It can be mixed with feed or water, or assit feed fermented. Through fiel test, TiDoFu can assist animal healthier and reduce diarrhea problem and reduce infected rate.

Booth No.:G21 
Product Name:Mycotoxin deactivator - Mycofix®
Product Information:Mycofix® is the solely EU-authorized mycotoxin deactivator on the market. We conquer mycotoxin in three unique strategies: 
1. Absorption:  Selected bentonite fulfills the strict requirements on aflatoxin-binding capacities (> 90 %) according to the EFSA, without influence on nutrients in the feed. 2. Biotransformation: Unique enzymes breakdown mycotoxins into untoxic substances. MTV produces enzyme which can detoxify ZON and OTA; EU-certified BBSH797 can quickly activate and proliferate in intestines to degrade trichothecenes. 

Booth No.:G21 
Product Name:Immunomodulator - Bioshine®
Product Information:Sows are very important for pig farms. Besides perfect nutrition, we need to pay attention to their immunity and gut health when challenges hit, so that there will be good productivity. Bioshine® is a natural complex, composed of 100% breakdown yeast cell walls. It contains MOS, which can block bacteria from attaching to the intestine with competitive binding to its Type 1 fimbriae (mannose-specific lectin) and excrete in feces. β-glucan can enhance the immune system by activate the macrophage. Nucleotides increases the resistance of stress and rapidly provide energy to cell turnover, improving the intestinal structure. Algae extracts can promote the amino acid metabolism and RNA synthesis during the cell proliferation. Therefore, Bioshine® is a natural immunomodulator which repairs the damage caused by toxin.

Booth No.: H31
Product Information:Piglets love the savory taste of Plasma. Piglets eat more at day one post weaning. Plasma increases weigh daily gain. Antibodies in Plasma prevents intestinal infections by E. Coli and other pathogens. 
Booth No.: H31
Product Information:High quality protein for aquaculture, pigs  and poultry.  Hemoglobin is widely used in diets of many species from monogastric to fishes. Hemoglobin has 90% of protein (min) and it is highly digestible. 

Booth No.:H40
Product Name:Feed additive - Nutrafito Plus
Product Information:Nutrafito Plus is a Quillaja and Yucca blended feed additive. Quillaja is rich in Triterpenoid Saponin, it helps to improve immunity and disease resistance to pathogens, modulate the cellular and humoral immune response. With the addition of Yucca’s anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation properties, it makes Nutrafito Plus a perfect feed additive to improve growth, feed conversion and survival rate.

Booth No.: J13
Product Name:Feed additive (PRP - FeedAd)
Product Information:PRP is the only item that could be used to solve Bird Flu or PRRS. PRP could non-specifically attach to microorganism cell membrane. Next, this protein will attach to the gut mucous membrane, release the signaling to immune cells and therefore stimulate the immune reaction, which causes the production of relatively specifical antibody against the enviromental microorganisms. 

Booth No.: J13
Product Name:Feed
Product Information:With natural, no-drug feed, to meet the demand of your taste buds. We can create a brand without extra cost.

Booth No.: H22
Product Name:Feed additives (Wellstrong H99/ Wellstrong H101/  Wellstrong solution)
Product Information:Wellstrong series consists the different components and nutrients of functional mushroom, a Chinese medical herb, cultured by our unique production technology.  It has the ability of  restoring, reinforcing, ushering to promote whole body cells to rapidly produce adequate healthy power, and the necessary nutrients for maintaining the functions of whole body tissues and organs, and enough nutrients for the metabolism of enough health. 
Application: 1. ensure the best benefits: from avoiding. 2. prevent and control disease properly. 3.create the other derived benefits 


Booth No.: H22
Product Name:Feed additives (Apple Essence)
Product Information:1. Increase palatability and feeding, reduce digestive and reproductive disorders. 2. Reduce intestinal disorders and diarrhea, improve the characteristics and odor of feces. 3. Increase probiotics, inhibit harm from bad bacteria such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Clostridium. 4. Plentiful functional ingredients of natural organic acids, soluble fiber, polyphenols, flavonoids. 5. Improve anti-stress and immunity, reduce disease incidence.


Booth No.: L22
Product Name:Probiotics - Clostat 11 Dry
Product Information:Antibiotics resistance and drug residue have become a serious problem due to long term, large quantity use of antibiotics in livestock industry Clostat is the product developed in response to these problems. It is a "spore-type" Bacillus subtilis viable that can replace antibiotics. It is stable and safe.

Booth No.: L22
Product Name:Absorbent (Myco -AD A-Z / CO-BIND DF)
Product Information:The adsorbent product developed by Special Nutritnts Myco AD-AZ and Cobind DF, won the Brazilian government certification of international products. By special illite and chlorite composition, the bipolarity with a special process and fully exposed adsorption layer can have more adsorption area and combined space of electrons and mycotoxin. It has strong absorbing capacity, can be applied in a wide range. Also, it is stable, can be completely excreted by animals. Its non-puffed structures do not adsorb moisture, nutrients and affect the nutrient efficiency.


Booth No.: L22
Product Name:Feed ingredient - VEDAN-Miso Pro
Product Information:This product is derived from the Vedan which fermented from molasses to become monosodium glutamate. After low temperature vacuum concentration, the residues protein goes through special modulation to become the final product.It contains bacterial protein, cell metabolites, rich U.G.F, vitamin B group, glutamic acid … and so on. Not only can it improve the palatability, but also have a high utility in breeding and young livestock.It is a good alternative of molasses.

Booth No.: L22
Product Name:Feed additive - VEDAN-3B Porbiotics
Product Information:3B Probiotics is a microbial feed additive of multi-strain Bacillus species, contains a guaranteed count of living spore(endospores) that can survive through high temperature treatment during feed pelletizing or low pH environment of animal stomach. The living spore(endospores) will later sprout in the gut after consumed by animals to play its role in digestive system, brings benefits to animals, include improvements on digestion and animal performance by microbial enzyme secretion. 3B Probiotics is also proved to be a potential alternative to antibiotic growth prompters through its ability of competitive exclusion against specific pathogens.


Booth No.: K08
Product Name:Feedadditives - GA-BROILER CARE (Nutrition for Broilers)
Product Information:It’s a sort of herb feed additives for broilers raising, which we had proceeded lots of experiment for the farm of raising over 300,000 broilers, different chickens (including broilers, silkies and other local chickens), different area (Taoyuan, Taiwan / Shenzhen, China) and different raising facilities (Conventional free-range system in Taiwan and Semi free-range system at pig pan in China). There were using no any antibiotics during the entire farming process, all the results came up fabulously and consistently. Just very limited percentage of our feed additives was added into the regular feed, it obviously improved the birds’ digestion, nutritional absorption and immune system. All chickens looked healthy and strong with very low incidence of disease. Our experiments also confirmed that our feed additives are able to increase the length of bird’s intestinal villi and density which can improve the resistance to coccidiosis. BROILER CARE is a powerful additive with multifunction.


Booth No.: K08
Product Name:Feedadditives - GA-LAYER CARE  (Nutrition for Layers)
Product Information:It’s also a kind of herb feed additives for layers farming. From our experiments, we found LAYER CARE can improve layer’s nutritional absorption, immunity and egg quality. Adding very limited quantity of LAYER CARE into the regular feed, only 7 days, you will see the big improvement on layer’s health condition (even 80 weeks old layers) and lower the quantity of producing inferior eggs.


Booth No.:F22
Product Name:Feed Additive/ Prbiotics (Bio-Hit 99)
Product Information:Strengthens the beneficial microflora in the gastrointestinal tract.Improves the utilization of energy and proteins.Effective in preventing diarrhea and inhibiting growth of harmful bacteria.Enables self-healing and regeneration in livestock.Restores weak and sick livestock to healthy condition,thereby improving survival rate.


Booth No.:L17
Product Name:Feed additive (poultry care)
Product Information:1. Improving poultry digestion. 2. Rasing poultry metabolism. 3. Rasing nuitrition ingestion. 4. Rasing poultry imunity. 5. Non-antibiotic. 6. Rasing slaughter rate about 5-10%. 7. Improving poultry meat taste without odor. 8. Improving the Intestinal villi growth.9. Ruducing the loss from bacteria.


Booth No.:L35
Product Name:Feed additive (Kanvit series multi-vitamins premix)
Product Information:Multi-vitamin premix for the livestock and aquatic animals, produced through strictly controlled production process with specially selected vitamin ingredients with formulas tailored to Taiwan’s climates, animal species and market needs.


Booth No.:L35
Product Name:Feed additive (Kanbase series pig 3% basemix)
Product Information:The Kanbase series is a 3% pig basemix product, designed according to the specific swine breed, climate, feed ingredients and market needs in Taiwan.  Kanbase contains vitamins, minerals, balanced amino acids and high quality enzymes with emphasis on the health of piglets, excellent reproduction performance of sow and rapid weight gain and good carcass quality of hog.


Booth No.:H08
Product Name:Feed and feed additives - MoreHerb (liquid)、MoreHerb S (powder)
Product Information:This product combines a variety of plant essential oils and extracted components. With the application of nano-emulsification technology, the oil-soluble materials were nano-sized into a rapid dissolution of water-soluble particles and then manufactured into liquid or powder form of MoreHerb. It can reduce all kinds of inflammation (respiratory disease, reproductive system) and urgent symptoms (pathogens, vaccine allergy, high temperature, mingling, and transport) with inhibition of pathogen growth and inflammation process. MoreHerb can be used to replace antibiotics or reduce the amount of antibiotics used to reduce residues in milk, egg and meat products with effects on disease prevention and growth promotion.


Booth No.:H08
Product Name:Feed and feed additives - Goodfite
Product Information:Unique formulation of organic minerals to stimulate protein synthesis and carcass lean composition and to improve pork quality after stresses of transportation and slaughter with better water holding capacity and meat color. 
Chromium (Cr), to potentiate the action of insulin and growth hormone for stimulating amino acid utilization and protein synthesis in lean tissues and modifying glucose utilization in adipose tissue.
Selenium (Se), to involve in anti-oxidative protection of cell membranes, thyroid hormone metabolism, immune activation, and muscle growth and integrity.
Magnesium (Mg), to stabilize cell membranes of muscle and play an important role in different enzyme reactions including DNA synthesis and amino acid activation and bone formation.

Booth No.:D28
Product Name:Feed additives - SMIZYME PHYTASE
Product Information:

1.Reduce the dosage of inorganic phosphorus source such as DCP or MCP, lower the formula cost.
2. Enlarge the feed formula space for adjusting the feed formula.
3. Increase the utilization of energy, protein and mineral element and so on.
4. Decrease the excretion of phosphorus in feces and therefore reduce phosphorus pollution

Booth No.:D28
Product Name:Feed additives - Flo-bond
Product Information:Broad spectrum mycotoxin adsorbent for all types of feed.

Booth No.:D28
Product Information:1.Hydrolyze the phytic acid phosphorus, enhance the total phosphorus utilization in plant raw of feed. 
2.Reduce the dosage of inorganic phosphorus source such as DCP or MCP, lower the formula cost
3.Decrease the excretion of phosphorus in feces and therefore reduce phosphorus pollution.
4.Matrix effect, release the nutriment compound to phytic acid, Increase the utilization of energy, protein and mineral element and so on.
5.Reduce the usage of DCP, improve the environment of the production. 

Booth No.:D28
Product Name:COMPOUD ENZYME - SMIZYME Multi-Enzyme for Broilers
Product Information:1.Supply the shortage of endo-enzyme in chicks, prevent the disease caused by indigestion, improve survival rate.
2.Improve the growth of broiler, increase the final weight, reduce the time-to-market.
3.Enhance the metabolic energy, lower the feed cost. (reduce 50-80 kcal/kg metabolic energy under the same performance ).
4.Reduce the quality change among different batches of feed ingredients, stabilize the feed quality. Improve the poultry herd uniformity.
5.Increase the poultry health by restraining the growth of harmful bacteria in post intestine 
6.Reduce fecal excretion amount, lower the environment pollution.

Booth No.:D28
Product Name:FEED ADDITIVE - Enzymaic Hydrolysis of cottonseed
Product Information:1.Supply the shortage of endo-enzyme in chicks, prevent the disease caused by indigestion, improve survival rate. 2.Improve the growth of broiler, increase the final weight, reduce the time-to-market.

Booth No.:D28
Product Name:Leader Yellow 20 - Xanthophyll 2%
Product Information:The raw material is the extractum from magrigold flower.After the process of saponification and additive technique, we can obatain Leader Yellow 20 ( Containing 2% natural Xanthophyll)

Booth No.:D28
Product Name:Leader Red 100 - Cantaxanthin
Product Information:The raw material is β-coritene or Cantaxanthin crystal. After the process of dissolution, emulsification & additive, we could obtain Leader red 100(containing 10% Canthaxanthin)
Booth No.:D28
Product Name:Feed additive Menoherb
Product Information:In the intensive production, animals are susceptible to a variety of adverse factors (weaning, pathogenic microorganisms, dyspepsia, etc.), which  lead to oxidative damage to the digestive tract, causing inflammation, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases then cause growth retardation or even death. Essential oils have been proved to have beneficial effect on antioxidation, growth-promoting and antibacterial, and are considered to be an efficient and green additive for the protection of animal digestive tract health. The production of Menoherb was formed and produced by comparing the antioxidant ability, antibacterial effect and stability of dozens of essential oil and then through scientific screening to form a unique formula, which can ensure the product can give full play to the function. The Menoherb can raised animal disease resistance, digestion and improve growth performance.


Booth No.:D28
Product Name:Feed additive Menacid 100
Product Information: 
Product Function: Promote a healthy gut with balanced intestinal flora. Promote digestive enzymes secretion, improve nutrient digestibility.
Product Features: Unique acid formula reaches optimal antibacterial effects. Patented micro-encapsulation technology ensures slow release of acids functions in the whole intestinal tract. Comfortable plum taste without negative effect on palatability.
Booth No.:H12 
Product Name:Probiotics / Feed additive - SYNLAC® WaterMix
Product Information:SYNLAC® WaterMix is the multi-strain freeze dried powder with highly viable bacterial counts and formulated to improve feed conversion ratio and immunity, prevent animals from diseases, reduce stress conditions and mortality, improve farming environment in the long term use, and further replace antibiotics and drug. It is small packing, high solubility in water, easy to use, reducing biofilms and preventing clogging water nipple.


Booth No.:H12 
Product Name:Probiotics / Feed additive - SYNLAC® FeedAd
Product Information:SYNLAC® FeedAd is a multistrain direct-fed microbial feed additive. For long-term used can improve animal intestinal microbiota and immunity and feed intake, especially under stressful conditions, reduce mortality, prevent diarrhea, alleviate constipation and reduce odor, improve the feed environment and increase the economic efficiency. 

Booth No.:K13
Product Name:
Product Information:The company has excellent traditions and technology in the manufacture of economic animals and pet medication with powder, granules,Oral liquid, injection, topical liquid, feed additives, oral nutrition ointment and so on.


Booth No.:H32
Product Name:Feed additive - MAMMA-SOMA (Sowmilk secretion stimulator)
Product Information:MAMMA-SOMA is a multi-functional, multi-purpose sowmilk secretion stimulator consisting of 29 kinds of nutrients, for increasing milk yield and litter size, extending economic lifespan in sow, and for improving weight uniformity and weaning weight in piglets. Add 1-3kg of MAMMA-SOMA into 1 ton of lactation/gestation feed.


Booth No.:H32
Product Name:Feed additive - CLEANTEC-100 (Environment improving agent)
Product Information:CLEANTEC contains an extract of Yucca Schidigera plant and Pinaceae Colophorium tree know for their ability to reduce and bind ammonia(NH3) and other harmful gases arising from animal waste. Powder and liquid forms are available. Add 1kg of CLEANTEC-100 into 1 ton of feed.


Booth No.:K14
Product Name:Feed additives (Mycotoxin deactivator) - Toxi-Free PLUS
Product Information:Toxi-Free PLUS is a combination of 3 types of mycotoxin degrading enzymes, formulated mycotoxin adsorbents, and plant extract. It provides a full protection by reducing the overall toxic pressure from both polar and non-polar mycotoxin. The product is suitable for swine, poultry, ruminants and fishery.

Booth No.:K14
Product Name:Feed additives (Immune enhancer) Easy-immune
Product Information:Toxi-Free PLUS is a combination of 3 types of mycotoxin degrading enzymes, formulated mycotoxin adsorbents, and plant extract. It provides a full protection by reducing the overall toxic pressure from both polar and non-polar mycotoxin. The product is suitable for swine, poultry, ruminants and fishery.

Booth No.:L31 
Product Name:Feed Pelleting - Pellet Mill
Product Information:Pelleting Machine designed to suit local condition and meet your criteria of save and smooth operation, low maintenance cost, less wear parts, easy to operate, fully employ safety devices, perfect lubrication system, bigger and better production throughput.

Booth No.:L31 
Product Name:Shrimp/Fish Feed Processing Plant - Extruder
Product Information:
●Extruder is a versatile machine utilizing mixing, homogenizing, shaping, cutting and filling operations to process a product.
●Homogenization and restructuring of unattractive ingredients
●Heating/cooking ingredients to improve digestibility of starch, deactivate toxic and anti-nutrition factors (ANF)
●Agglomerating ingredients into discrete pieces
●Controlling product density, as in preparation of sinking or floating fish feeds, pet feeds or extrusion feeds.

Booth No.:D22
Product Name:Extruder- Contra-Twin Screw Extruder
Product Information:IDAH machinery has been devoted to extruding technology for more than 20 years. Recently, the business of aqua feed has faced a lot of challenges from wide variance of raw material. It is vital and urgent to develop the superb extruder which is suitable for ANY raw material. IDAH Contra-Twin Screw Extruder is the best solution. The system is comprised of stirring feeder, DDC pre-conditioner and contra-screw extruder. Contra-twin screw extrusion system can answer your need whether raw material cost, production rate, pellet quality and operation costs are your most concerns. Contra-twin screw extruder is designed for long run and smooth operation with the best selected material for all exchangeable wear parts. IDAH do hear your voice and providing Contra-twin, a solution that answers all.

Booth No.:K22
Product Name:Basemix - Optifid
Product Information:Easy to use, one bag per ton of feed, improve incorporation accuracy and mixing homogeneity. Best formulation for optimum growth and performance. Contains high-efficiency enzyme, that can increase nutrients utilization and reduce feed cost. Contains various probiotics, that can regulate gut flora and enhance immunity, decrease diarrhea and keep animals healthier. Best utilized and absorbed Mineral-Amino Acid Complex.
Booth No.:K22
Product Name:Basemix - Optifid/Young Piglets
Product Information:Mineral-Amino Acid Complex can help to make piglet's skin and hair shiny and clean. Best enzyme formulation enables piglets grow chubby and healthy. Decrease the usage of inorganic minerals amount to and reduce cause of nutritional diarrhea. Special attractant increase feed intake. Balanced micro-nutrition, improve survival rate, vitality, growth performance, uniformity and immunity.
Booth No.:K22
Product Name:Basemix - Optifid/Grower
Product Information:Best micro- nutrition to accumulate growth potential. Mineral-Amino Acid Complex facilitate enzyme system to operate normally. Mineral-Amino Acid Amino Acid Complex decrease the amount of heavy metal in manure. Best enzyme formulation improve FCR and decrease odor.

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