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LTE-M Time-lapse Camera

Product Model:TC-2116C

Product introduction

* 1080P HD image quality, support single image and video output
* The framing time interval and video output can change the number of images per second (fps)
* No need for physical network equipment and wiring to transmit data
* Solar energy storage provides 24/7 power supply
* Cloud management, image, status collection, analysis and download at any time, detection and alarm
* IP66 all-weather outdoor use
* Use App and Dashboard to keep abreast of the on-site situation and deal with it in a timely manner
* Update through the cloud to provide new features at any time
* Connect various environmental sensors with RS-485 terminals to achieve real-time monitoring and recording functions (TC-2116)

Product Spec

* Telecom IoT architecture, no need for WiFi, Ethernet network.
* Solar power supply, 24HR operation uninterrupted
* Winners of the German Red Dot Design Award 2021

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