Livestock Taiwan │ 5 - 7 Nov, 2020

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Date:31st October, 2019 (Thursday)
Track 1: Meeting Room B  (built in the exhibition hall)

Conference Theme:Trends Driving Modern Livestock Farming
No. Subject Speaker
B 1-1

European Egg Standard and Traceability

Mr. Nourredine El Molaka
General Manager
Sanovo Technology Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Date:1st November, 2019 (Friday)
Track 1: Meeting Room B  (built in the exhibition hall)

Conference Theme:Animal Waste Management
No. Subject Speaker
B 2-1
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Dept. of Power and Environmental Technology Promotion

Green energy-circular economy co-construction and biogas power promotion for pig farms

Dr. Chih-Chieh Li
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Biogas desulfurization by scrubbing with an activated sludge mixed liquor

Dr. Chou Ming-Shean
National Sun Yat-Sen University 
(Invited by ITRI)

Analysis of biogas power generation efficiency

Dr. Cheng-Tsu Huang
National Central University
(Invited by ITRI)

Circular economy in livestock farming
Mr. Lin Yang-Shan
Vice General Manager
Nice Garden 
(Invited by ITRI)
Case study of San Jeou Farm's preventive measures for infectious diseases

Mr. Hong Chong-Pan
San Jeou Farm
(Invited by ITRI)

Conference Theme:Livestock Annual Events
No. Subject Speaker
B 2-4
Be Immune and MicroBiome Smart

Mr. Mark Kane-Berman
(Invited by Dr. Cheers)

B 2-5 The 17th Summit of Top 100 Pig Farmer Club
Welcome Remarks

Co-organiser: UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch
ASF--the challenge of pig industry in Taiwan

Dr. Ling-Ling Lo
Associate Professor
Department of Animal Science, Chinese Culture University

The Crisis Management of African Swine Fever

Mr. Huang Kwo-Ching
President of Chinese Cross-Straits Animal and Veterinery Industry Interchange Association

Date:1st November, 2019 (Friday)
Track 2: Meeting Room C  (built in the exhibition hall)
Conference Theme:Trends Driving Modern Livestock Farming
C 2-1 10:00-11:00
The application of the specific antimicrobial peptide producing Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in livestock and aquaculture production

Dr. Fan Yang-Chi
Technical Service Manager
Vetnostrum Animal Health Co., Ltd

Conference Theme:Livestock Housing and Healthcare Management
場次 講題 講師
C 2-7 14:30-15:30
Sanitary Management of Japanese Washing and Grading Plants of Layer Chicken Eggs

Ms. Ayuko Kashimori
(Invited by NABEL Co.,Ltd.)

C 2-8 15:30-16:00
How to eliminate Foul Smell and Flies from Livestock manure, Prevent Diseases and to Increase livestock productivity in weight gain and in better quality produce of meat, milk and Egg with complete Natural Minerals without adding artificial flavouring, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes in animal feeds nutrition​

Mr. Simon Lim 
Agrow Planet

Date:2nd November, 2019 (Saturday)
Track 1: Meeting Room A  (built in the exhibition hall)
Conference Theme:Livestock Farm Management & Biosecurity
No. Subject Speaker
A 3-2 10:30-11:30
Case study to improve hatchery productivity by utilising Japanese heartbeat detector

Mr. Toyoaki Ohashi
(Invited by NABEL Co.,Ltd.)

A 3-3 11:30-12:10
ASF prevention and biosecurity measures for livestock farms

Dr. Shu-Hwae Lee
School of Veterinary Medicine
National Taiwan University

A 3-4 12:10-12:40
Using Smart Ear Tag Technology to Improve Livestock Provenance, Bio-security and Theft Detection

Mr. David Smith
Ceres Tag

Date:2nd November, 2019 (Saturday)
Track 2: Meeting Room B  (built in the exhibition hall)
Conference Theme:Agricultural Product E-marketing Practices
場次 講題 講師
B 3-1 2019 Agricultural Product e-Marketing Forum 
Organiser: AFECA
Co-organiser: UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch
Fresh e-commerce digital marketing method

Mr. Jerry Kuo
Kuo Brothers

The current situation and business model of Taiwan's fresh e-commerce market

Mr. Daniel Chuang


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