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In order to save energy and protect environment, Council of Agriculture (COA) plans to increase wholesale price of Biogas electricity from NTD3.9/kilowatt to NTD5/kilowatt for pig farms. On the other hand, COA will decrease loan rate to 1.04% for buying biogas power generation equipment. This incentive policy will start from large scale pig farms (5000 or above heads on farms), then move to 2000+ heads pig farm. There are 128 5000+ head pig farms and 353 2000+ head pig farms in Taiwan by the end of 2015. Taiwan imports such equipment from Netherland, USA, and Germany.3

In 2015, Taiwan’s meat consumption was 93.1kg/capita/year, however, the meat self-sufficiency was 78.3kg/capita/year. In this case, Taiwan imported total USD1.16 billion in 2015, and expected to increase year on year. 
UBM Asia - organiser of the Livestock event in Malaysia "Livestock Asia", Vietnam "Vietstock", Philippines "Livestock Philippines" - is honored to play a role in linking and creating business networking opportunities for public and private organizations. We are proud to present these important developments to the ASEAN Livestock industry to be the hub of Livestock production to feed the world.