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Smart Farming

■ Animal identification tags and microchips
■ Automation of farm systems
■ Livestock Management Software
■ Livestock equipment: 
Weighing scales, conveyor systems, counting machines, Automatic feeders , gas / diesel-fueled space heaters, electric fencing & fencing materials, outdoor / indoor cleaning products, livestock stalls, pens, cages and other related housing materials, high pressure sprayers, pumps and accessories, heating and lighting systems, cleaning & disinfectant supplies
■ Poultry equipment: 
Layers, incubators and accessories, brooders, coops housing and caging, egg crates and trays, egg grading, packing, detecting equipment, bands for bird identification, feeders & waterers, egg selling supplies, nest boxes, predator control and netting, poultry processing, sweep systems
■ Environmental control solutions:
Ventilation facilities and systems, climate control equipment and solutions
■ Cattle automated equipment: 
Milking machines, trough with drinking nipples, corral systems, cattle panel & bow gates, loading chute, cattle feeders / waterers, cattle bedding, matting / slated floor, devices with IoT technology.
■ Facilities with animal welfare

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