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​​​​[16/12/2019] [News]
International programs are essential to promote the export of Brazilian technologies to world markets that seek to expand their agricultural activity

The advances of national agribusinesses in the last decade recorded in the 2017 Agricultural Census, recently published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), reinforce Brazil's potential to contribute to economic and social development in nations with agricultural characteristics similar to Brazil, in particular Africa and Latin America. In 2017, 77% of agricultural establishments in Brazil were classified as family farms, an aspect similar to these countries...(Read More...)

​​​​[16/12/2019] [News]
Los programas internacionales son fundamentales para promover la exportación de tecnologías brasileñas a los mercados mundiales que buscan expandir su actividad agrícola

Los avances de los agronegocios nacionales en la última década registrados en el Censo Agrícola 2017, publicado recientemente por el Instituto Brasileño de Geografía y Estadística (IBGE), refuerzan el potencial de Brasil para contribuir al desarrollo económico y social en naciones con características agrícolas similares a Brasil, en particular África y América Latina. En 2017, el 77% de los establecimientos agrícolas en Brasil se clasificaron como granjas familiares, un aspecto similar a estos países...(Read More...)

[06/04/2018] [Market News]
Technology for a healthier animal feed (Source: FeedLink)
In these past years, the concept of food safety has become increasingly more evident in the food production, mainly when it is related with the export of products of animal origin, which is a huge challenge to the industries to ensure food safety. ...(Read More...)

[06/04/2018] [Market News]
Algae boost the immune system of animals, reduce use of antibiotics in livestock farming (Source: Far Eastern)
As the marine algae business is growing fast and attracting increasing attention due to the nutritional quality of algae and the abundance of bioactive molecules, it offers a potential for applications, especially in the human food and animal feed sectors ...(Read More...)

[05/04/2018] [Market News]
Diformates with monolaurates promote hygiene and safety during lactation (Source: FeedLink)
Compound feed is not only an effective way of delivering nutrients to animals, but it has long been utilised as a delivery strategy for non-nutritive additives used to promote health and production safety. To this end, the industry relied heavily on the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in the feed for decades, until it became ...(Read More...)

[22/03/2018] [Market News]
The role of technology in the health and hygiene of animal feed production (Source: FeedLink)
Over the last several years, the frequency of foodborne illness caused by infectious pathogens has raised concerns about the health and safety of feeding practices within the livestock industry as well as animal feed production. ...(Read More...)

[12/03/2018] [Market News]
Taiwan and Poland convene the first consultation meeting on agricultural cooperation; the two countries will deepen cooperation in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and promote bilateral trade in agriproducts (Source: COA)
The Council of Agriculture (COA) and Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held the “1st Taiwan-Poland Consultation Meeting on Agricultural Cooperation” in Taipei March 12,2018. The two parties reached consensus on issues that include  ...(Read More...)

[12/03/2018] [Market News]
BAF uses technology to track zoonotic diseases in Fiji (Source: Far Eastern)
The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) is implementing information technologies to predict potential occurrence of zoonotic diseases, which could pose harm to animals and humans ...(Read More...)

[12/02/2018] [Market News]
FAO addresses threat of animal-to-human diseases and AMR across Asia-Pacific (Source: Far Eastern)
The UN FAO has warned that Zoonotic diseases and misuse of antibiotics in animals and humans resulting in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) are converging in Asia-Pacific countries with potential deadly effects ...(Read More...)

[05/10/2017] [Market News]
Demystidication of organic acid blends (Source: FeedLink)
The topics of feed acidification and organic acids are undergoing a bit of a renaissance as of late. With the recent US push to join Europe in curtailing the use of antibiotics for growth promotion, and industries ...(Read More...)

[13/02/2017] [Market News]
ERL: half of world's calories is produced by small farms (Source: Far Eastern)
A study published in Environmental Research Letter (ERL) estimates that more than 50 per cent of the world's food calories are produced in regions where the average farm size is less than five hectares, particularly in South and East Asia ...(Read More...)

[09/01/2017] [Market News] 
Academic Researchers Offer Solution to Animal Vaccine Innovation (Source: COA)

Following its strategy named “Industry Questions, Academics Answer”, the Council of Agriculture (COA) founded the Animal Vaccine Alliance through the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) with the objective of fostering the exchange between the government, industry...(Read More...)

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