Livestock Taiwan │ 5 - 7 Nov, 2020

Product Name : GWB
Product Information : 

Most Advanced Biotechnology

100% Return On Investment

Prevent Disease Spreading

Biodefense and Biosecurity Advancement

Waste Decompose by Farm

No Burn, No Bury

Environmental Protection

Resources Recycling and Regeneration


Booth No. : G04

Product Name : High temperature Microbilogical Decomposition System
Product Information : 

A system solves all th problems: Circular recycling system.

Organic wastes, like food waste, fruits and vegetable waste and manures, cause problems such as: odor, breeding mosquitoes and flies, pathogens, bird flu cross infection and sanitation. If these problems are not able to control, this not only affects the quality of living standard, but also leads to environment pollution which could have great impact on th operation of ranch and national image.


1. Implementation: available to placing outdoor.

2. Occupied sapce: 10 ton daily production onlyl occupy 100 m2.

3. Efficiency: no additional bulking agents, capable of processing the organic waste contained 85% in moisture content.

4. Operation: microcomputer operates and monitors 5-40 ton by a man.

5. Cost: non-heated and dried, low energy consuming; no carriage, low cost.

6. Features: rapid manufacturing, easy operating, biological deodorizations system.

Booth No. : G04

Product Name : Organic material fertilizer
Product Information : 

The temperature would reach about 70-80°C which resulted from these phenomena of fermentation process including microbial degradation, metabolism and energy conversion, that can eliminate most pathogens, weeds and insect larvae in th product. Furthermore, the stable organic substances and humus which was obtained form organic waste fermentation with microbial metabolism that can be  an excellent nutrient source for plant growth.




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