Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum, the live and online exhibition under the banner of innovation


Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum, the live and online exhibition under the banner of innovation

Informa Markets announced today that the fourth edition of Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum will launch as scheduled on 5 – 7 November 2020 at Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This year, the organiser has introduced four innovative initiatives: the introduction of Informa AllSecure Standard, the first-ever Livestock Taiwan online exhibition, digital product showroom and online business matchmaking system. We aim at keeping all-important livestock industries connected with the cutting-edge technologies and assisting industry players to collaborate, sharing best practices and adopting cost-effective methods in growing their businesses face-to-face and digitally. This year, around 300 exhibitors will join both live and online exhibitions, and we are ready to welcome 30,000+ professional visitors back to our events..

In June 2020, World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) announced Taiwan had been removed from the list of “food-and-mouth” (FMD) disease zones. It is encouraging news for the Taiwan swine industry, and all industry stakeholders are excited about the market outlook. Ms Sabine Liu, General Manager of Informa Markets Taiwan Branch, said “Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum” is one of the leading international livestock exhibitions run by Informa Markets. Every year, our show attracts many professional buyers from different countries, such as UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines etc. It is the best business platform for Taiwan companies to do business and connect with overseas markets. This year, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and travel restriction, we have launched the first-ever online exhibition, digital product showroom and online matchmaking system which can facilitate the online trading and provide the flexibility for our international buyers and exhibitors.” Informa Markets Taiwan Branch has launched the digital product showroom that visitors can browse the online product category and plan for the meetings before the show.

Ms Liu stated that the live event will be run in accordance with Informa Markets AllSecure Standard. It is a set of practical measures to enhance the health & safety standards at our events after COVID-19. In our event, we will introduce a series of safety measures such as biosecurity tunnel, enhanced broadcasting to remind our participants to wash and disinfect their hands regularly, putting on face masks and keeping the social distancing etc. We are committed to maintain a high level of biosafety and personal hygiene, and foster the development of the livestock industry. Mr. Chang Sheng-Chin, the Secretary General of the Swine Association Republic of China, said, “After removing Taiwan’s name from the list of FMD diseases zone, we are excited about the market outlook. However, as the outbreak of African Swine Fever continue globally, we should stay alert and enhance our collaboration for entering the global livestock market.

With the increasing demand for smart farming technologies within the livestock sector, many industry players have made substantial investments in technology innovation. For instance, Sun Mines Electronics Co., Ltd will display Rotary Vane Type Gas Blower for livestock wastewater treatment which originally designed for industrial use. Aidmics Biotechnology creates iSperm mCASA, the first mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer. This iPad-based system is for breeders and husbandry staffs to monitor livestock semen qualities, including concentration, motility, sperm kinetics, etc. This greatly enhances their breeding efficiency. Aidmics also collaborates with Calyx Biotechs Inc. and FOX-TECH to showcase their smart-farming IoT sensor solutions. SYNBIO TECH INC. is specialized in research and development, manufacturing, and application of lactic acid bacteria. Its SYNLAC™ series products include the multi-strain direct-fed microbial feed additive used to improve the water quality, degrade ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and other spoilages, inhibit pathogen, reduce the treatment of antibiotics, decrease stress and elevate the carcass quality of pigs.

Both live and online Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum 2020 is a high-quality platform for business to business activities, showcase the cross-sectors technologies and products, and provide a one-stop-shop solution for the livestock industry. Over 30 livestock industry-related conferences will be held during the events. The themes include animal nutrition management after COVID-19 pandemic, agricultural waste recycling and sustainable development, and the strategies and solutions for reducing the sludge. We provide a platform for the industry to share their experiences and best practices. A 3-day live and online exhibitions will commence on 5 November 2020, and it will be held concurrently with “Aquaculture Taiwan” and “Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum”. Online registration is now open. For details, please visit our official website or our Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum 2020 team : Ms. Sophia Lu via email [email protected]


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