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ALASKA Industrial High Velocity Fan - Feature Description part1

Product Model:ITA-20G1 / ITA-20G3 / ITA-14G1 / ITA-14G3 / ITA-14L / ITA-14AS / ITA-10G1 / ITA-10L / ITA-10AS

Product introduction

Expediting the circulation in agriculture and livestock to increase growth yield

Product Spec

** The three ring design allows air suction from not only the back, but the surrounding area aswell. The airflow can easily be transmitted to a distance of 50 meters.
** The spiral shaped grille allows the wind the fan produces to be converged and focused which allows the fan to reach further distances. 20" series with a wind speed of 0.3 m/s and longest distance accomplished of 70 meters.
** Selected the SUS304 stainless steel as the fan’s frame which is resistant to aggressive conditions and corrosive climates. Ideal for agriculture, greenhouse, cooling, ventilating and pasturage.
** In comparision with similar products, the special aerodynamic blades are designed to optimize air distribution while having low noise levels.
** The motor is water and dust resistant. It has passed the IP55 and Salt Spray Testing, and obtained an exceptional antirust rating.

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Ventilation system & equipment、Smart Agriculture Solution、Greenhouse equipment & technology


Aquaculture farming equipment、Environmental control & monitoring


Environmental Control system、Facilities with Animal Welfare、Farmland Design and engineering